Principal designer and owner of NLM Design Interiors and Oasis Home,  Nancy Leffler Mikulich, is a seasoned and credentialed designer,  celebrating over 10 years of providing full service interior design services to clients throughout the New Jersey and the New York area, and, interior decorating in Asbury Park..

NLM Design Interiors is an interior design firs specialiing in custom, timeless home furnishings, creating classic interiors, regardless of style, that will stand up over time.   Modern + warmth

The look of your home must work seamlessly with its function and aesthetically from room to room.  We offer a complete, full service custom design and curatorial services for discriminating homeowners seeking seamless and timeless unique designs and furnishings.  Our services include providing fabric, wallcovering, and furniture plans and specifications.  We also provide complete kitchen and bathroom plans and conceptual development, materials and lighting selections.



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NLM Design Interiors projects range from Full Interior Design Services Residential Design and furnishings, to Commercial Projects.

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